The Power of Our Unique Spinal Technique

Why It Works So Well

The Convergence of Science and Healing

At the heart of our practice lies the revolutionary Torque Release Technique (TRT) combined with Network Spinal. This certainly isn’t your old-fashioned standard chiropractic adjustment. TRT utilizes an ‘Integrator’, an instrument-assisted approach, while Network Spinal applies gentle, precise touches to the spine’s dural attachment sites (aka “spinal gateways”).

No more traditional popping, twisting, and cracking of the delicate structures of the spine. This is one of the reasons it’s the best technique for infants, kids and those with severe spinal conditions (or those who’ve undergone spinal surgery in the past).

Both of these techniques have some of the most robust scientific evidence supporting their efficacy within all of the chiropractic profession to date. In fact, TRT was born out of research. Out of hundreds of chiropractic techniques, TRT combines the evidence-based aspects of the most time-tested techniques and distills them into a single technique.

The synthesized technique then underwent rigorous randomized control trials proving its superior efficacy. These peer-reviewed scientific trials are what led to the only FDA certified instrument in chiropractic – the Integrator, which is the instrument we use in our clinic.

Dr. Chris Lewis providing an adult adjustment

Network Spinal, on the other hand, is a ground-breaking technique with even more research and continued development than TRT. Not surprisingly, Network Spinal is the primary foundation upon which Torque Release Technique is built.

Network Spinal has uncovered scientifically proven neurological access points known as “spinal gateways,” that actually interrupt faulty patterns within the nervous system’s locomotor system. Essentially, this leads to a reboot of the central nervous system (the master controller of the body) by bringing awareness to previously disconnected areas of the body. 

To elaborate, the brain holds “mental maps” of your body so it knows where everything is. If you have trauma, (including mild repetitive stress or even emotional trauma), it can cause your brain to distort these maps. This means your brain loses touch with certain parts of your body, leading to inevitable dysfunction. 

Interestingly, the spine holds the key to re-integrating these forgotten/disconnected areas within the body and nervous system. 

How Our Method Works

Our techniques primarily focus on releasing dural tension from the spinal cord. This creates a global boost in brain-body coherence via the nervous system. This effectively “wakes up” previously disconnected areas and allows them to begin to reintegrate back into the nervous system allowing your body to begin the healing process with gusto.

We also must point out the improvement our technique has on cerebrospinal fluid flow (the fluid around the spinal cord and brain), enhancing connectivity and communication throughout the body. The effect of going from poor CSF circulation to normal has dramatically positive impacts on the health of your brain and body. Things like brain fog, seizures, anxiety, and migraines can be direct effects of poor CSF circulation. 

Unlike most methods in chiropractic that focus exclusively on spinal dysfunction areas (aka “the painful parts of the spine”), we zone in on parts of the spine that function flawlessly. We then channel this functionality to adjacent areas lacking coherence. It turns out, the best way to impact this sort of awareness lies at the spinal dural attachment sites (the “spinal gateways”). 

The outcome? A heightened body consciousness, ushering in optimal healing to areas previously out of sync. (When the brain gets better feedback from previously “disconnected” areas, the body improves its function and optimal healing occurs).

Is Our Technique Right for You?

Essentially, if you have a spine, our technique can assist you. But to be more specific, our patients commonly report significant improvements in:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back, neck, shoulder and hip pain, including post-surgical pains
  • Sciatica, constipation, diarrhea, stomach aches, and acid reflux
  • Sleep disturbances and anxiety
  • Conditions in infants such as colic and spitting up
  • Frequent illness episodes, ear infections
  • Pains during pregnancy and post-delivery
  • ADHD, growing pains, and dizziness

…among other conditions. 

This isn’t a comprehensive list; it’s just the beginning because the nervous system is connected to and affects every muscle, joint, organ, and gland of the body.


Our healing community speaks volumes, with a growing collection of over a thousand heartfelt testimonials. While a simple search on Google will reveal countless more affirmations of our care, allow me to share select bite-sized stories that truly embody the diverse and profound results our specialized care delivers.

From Fusion to Freedom: One patient, after enduring 3 spinal surgeries and facing a 4th, found herself pain-free and standing upright just six weeks into our care, despite her lower back being surgically fused.

The Joyful Mother: A mother, previously tormented by painful pregnancies and C-section deliveries, experienced an almost pain-free pregnancy under our care. Her journey culminated in a successful V-back and a delightful bonding period post-birth. (FYI: A “V-back” is a birth community term for vaginal birth after a previous C-section delivery).

The Resilient Instructor: A yoga instructor, despite her extensive core training, suffered bouts of back and neck pain. Our technique not only relieved her pain but got her back to teaching her classes with newfound vigor.

Echoes of Clear Ears: We saw a young boy, burdened by persistent ear infections even after 3 sets of tubes in his ears. Traditional treatments couldn’t halt the cycle, yet under our dedicated chiropractic care, the infections ceased. Today, his ears remain clear, showcasing how our approach can transform lives in unexpected ways.

Isn’t it time you experienced the transformative power of our technique?

Dive into a journey of holistic healing, enhanced awareness, and a life free of spinal-related ailments.

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