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Chiropractic care is foundational for health. Most often people come to us to seek relief from pain, but good chiropractic care is much more.

Our nerves are the body’s connection to the brain which controls the whole body both consciously and unconsciously. Every organ and every muscle receives directions from the nervous system. When you are feeling pain, that means there is serious disruption to the flow of the nervous system. We often will have pinched and obstructed nerves even without pain, and these obstructions can lead to the brain’s signals not making it to the essential parts of our body.

This can lead to digestive issues, headaches, allergies, foggy thinking, and more. Correcting the alignment of the spine gives a clear pathway for the nerves to operate optimally freeing you from pain, and optimizing the function of your bodily systems.


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We bring chiropractic care into the modern world

We use advanced techniques like a scanning system designed by NASA to ascertain the issues in the spine, we also use a special activator that eliminates the need for head twisting and arm bending. No popping twisting or cracking. Just a firm precise tap on individual vertebrae is all you experience. This delivers just the adjustment needed to each individual vertebrae.

Older techniques move many vertebrae all at once and struggle to single out with precision an individual vertebrae. This can actually make it harder over time for the spine to hold its alignment as things get stretched and loosened. That is why we use our unique techniques, for precision and enduring spinal health.


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