Our chiropractic care in Rogers, AR is painless, results-driven, cutting-edge, neurologically driven, and drugless!

Our clinic is well known in NWA for exceptional results with:

Neck Pain Headaches & Migraines
Low Back Pain Sciatica & Nerve Pain
Shoulder Pain Numbness/Tingling
Upper Back Pain Pregnancy Pain

Here’s what chiropractic care looks like for the people we serve in Rogers, AR.

Due to our state-of-the-art holistic approach to healing, many of our patients in Rogers, AR also report improvements in…

Digestive Issues Seasonal Allergies
Ear Infections Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Arthritis Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Start your journey of healing from the inside-out!

With advanced training in neurology, kinesiology, biology, & anatomy, our doctors understand the human frame quite well. With the application of principled chiropractic knowledge, energy healing and quantum physics, the care received here is great for the mind, body and spirit.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

I work in the medical field (surgery) and was SUPER skeptical about chiropractic care/work. My husband completed a full year with both Dr. Lee Horine and Dr. Natalie Horine with FANTASTIC results. You could literally see the proof in his work boot with the wear pattern on the soles. After a lot of convincing, I finally scheduled a visit. Everyone is super friendly and calls you by name which makes you feel more comfortable and at ease. Both Dr. Lee and Natalie are incredibly nice and talk you through everything. I had a recent visit where I wasn’t sure if they would notice a new problem area (poor posture and working long hours on a computer don’t mix well). Dr. Lee immediately noticed it and got to work. I sleep so much better and feel great. The care everyone at the clinic gives each person is outstanding and I would recommend this place to anyone.

Leigh Vaughan

I have been a patient at Ignite Chiropractic since February 2020. I had multiple problems with my neck and back which caused severe pain and discomfort throughout each and every day. I would have to lay down on a flat service multiple times in a day to be able to make it through work and life in general. Since coming and joining Ignite I have become a happier and healthier person. The doctors and staff as a whole are AMAZING! They have hands of healers! Not only does their technique work, they guide you through the process and explain each step. They are positive, caring and compassionate. They listen to you and truly care about your progress. I am blessed to have found them and to call them family! Thank you Docs! 5 stars from me!!

Amanda Ziegler

Been dealing with neck and back pain for over 3 years, trying prescription medicine and other chiropractic methods with very little relief. Dr Natalie and Dr Lee were able to get me relief almost immediately and I have experienced continued improvement during the course of treatment. They are very caring and listen closely so they are able to address the problem quickly and painlessly. I am always treated with respect and feel part of the Ignite family. I highly recommend Ignite for your best health!!

Carol Spears

I’ve struggled with horrible migraines for years. Adding to that was lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain from stress and what not. But after visiting Ignite, for only 1 month. I’ve seen drastic changes. No lower back pain. I havent had a migraine since going here. My shoulders don’t ache nor do I need to massage them constantly! I’m absolutely over the moon with how quickly im seeing and feeling results!!!! Thanks !!

Shannon Quintanar