Dr Natalie’s god-mother is one of the funniest people I know and she told us a story that you’ll get a kick out of (and there’s a moral to it as well!)

She worked in a big corporate business for decades that sent her to different headquarters around the country.

One office she was at for a while was on a floor with over 100 employees… big enough that you definitely didn’t know everyone well, but recognized most.

Well, the entire floor shared a bathroom, and at least once a week the buzz around the office would be about the “ghost pooper” on the 10th floor.

Everyone (including management) would snicker and laugh in disgust that once again someone managed to “poop sprinkler” the women’s bathroom stall in a poopy version of “Dexter” – the fictional serial killer.

As you could imagine, everyone in their department became a detective, knowing the suspect was out there… hiding in plain sight, somewhere on their floor pecking away on their keyboard; pretending to be innocent.

Dr Natalie’s godmother said they had boiled it down to one of several people, but despite months of amateur detective work, they never did catch the perpetrator.

Before they could find out who it was for sure, the ghost poops vanished, and the office gossip had to find its weekly news cycle elsewhere.

Now, of course, this story is good for a laugh, but I thought it shed valuable light on a topic that people don’t discuss in the corporate world… or anywhere public, for that matter.

And that’s the topic of serious health issues.

In the corporate world, you can’t show weakness. Any perceived weakness is likely to delay you in getting a promotion or moving up the ladder of corporate success. In fact, it can even get you fired.

It’s why the Family Medical Leave Act was created – to protect people who have health issues from being fired (including pregnant women). I bet you’re not surprised by this, right? After all, corporate life is like a ruthless game of high school politics, with the pressure to perform cranked up to a 1000%.

(I know this rings true for many of our practice members who work in the corporate world because they all tell me how stressful it is.)

So out of fear (and street smarts) most people NEVER even tell their closest co-worker about their health struggles.

Nobody wants to be labeled as “that person.” It makes you appear incompetent and unreliable. So they hide it and discreetly seek medical help.

I’ll tell you a secret… if you feel alone in your health struggles, you most certainly are not!

Out of every one hundred people (over the age of 25) I can say with confidence that at least 60 of them are taking medicine for something they would never tell you about. Whether it’s herpes, a thyroid problem, or anxiety… you’ll never find out. I can promise you that.

And because of how private people are, you also won’t find out if they found a natural long-term solution to their problem either.

If the ghost pooper was able to stay anonymous, you can rest assured you have NO IDEA the significant health struggles your coworkers are silently coping with either.

Sometimes the secrets run so deep that I’m shocked and saddened.

I recently had a newlywed couple in their early 30s come into our practice who each had serious issues, but they were too embarrassed to let the other know – they just told our team they were in for wellness and didn’t fill out the paperwork honestly.

Like most couples, they chose to do their consultation and exam together… However, after we reviewed serious issues that were uncovered by their X-Rays and nerve scans, they wound up awkwardly leaving when they realized they would have to share their real health struggles in front of one another.

This was alarming to me because it’s a glimpse behind the curtain of what social media has done to the millennial generation – even married people are in fear of sharing their health struggles with one another (fearing their spouse will think less of them).

I’m sharing this with you because there are fantastic health solutions available, but you can’t always count on getting good advice by asking friends, co-workers, (or in some cases your spouse).

We’ve found that most people with corporate jobs, who’ve had tremendous success in our office, only publicly share that we helped them with “back pain and neck pain.”

I don’t blame them for not sharing the whole story… after all, they have a career to look after.

But behind closed doors, tears of gratitude have been shed for helping them overcome things like: severe rashes, debilitating migraines, addictions, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, endometriosis, severe bowel and bladder conditions, menstrual cycle issues, and heart problems to name a few.

Sometimes Dr Natalie and I wonder what our practice members are happier about…

Regaining their health, or the relief of not having to worry about someone finding out about their health problem.

In the end it really doesn’t matter… we’re just happy to get people healthy and living a drug-free life the way nature intended.

Yours in health,

Dr Lee Horine, DC

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