Start your journey of healing from the inside-out!

With advanced training in neurology, kinesiology, biology, & anatomy, our doctors understand the human frame quite well. With the application of principled chiropractic knowledge, energy healing and quantum physics, the care received here is great for the mind, body and spirit.

On Your First Visit

Your History and ROM measurements are gathered.

A hands on spinal exam by a doctor attained.

    Specific X-rays (as determined by a doctor) or posture scan is taken.

    Our team gathers and presents all this information to our doctors for review.

    Multiple doctors review all your exam measurements to provide their best recommendations for reducing and eliminating the nerve interferences that are causing your pain and bodily breakdown. By the following business day, the doctors will have your recommended care frequency and timeline available to o review with you. (You’ll be scheduled for this visit before you leave your 1st/examination appointment) No hidden agendas or suggestions here.

    At Your Care Recommendation & Initiation Visit

    One of the doctors will review the ‘Why’ behind our recommendations and ‘What’ that looks like for you.

      We provide financial options that include your insurance coverage (if it applies) to eliminate “hidden fees”unlike what’s seen at other medical offices.

      You decide what option is best and our team prepares you for your initial adjustment.

      We so excited for you to experience the life changing benefits of Specific and Corrective Chiropractic Care in our office!

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