Dr. Lee and D. Natalie are awesome! From their friendliness to their knowledge of the body you will not be disappointed. My Family of 4 sees them once a week. They have helped my youngest (3) with his bed wetting, outrageous sinuses and overall opening up to new people. My oldest (4 almost 5) went in having severe migraines and sinus issues. He now has a better temper and less migraine. My better half (35) could barely throw a football around without his shoulders hurting. Now he has less tingling when resting or sleeping in his arms and can play catch with our kids. I (32) went in barely being able to walk and not being able to cross my left leg over my right and numbness all the way down my left side. I can now after only 3 months of going can cross my legs any way I want, and the tingling in my left side is not as bad. I can Now sleep through most nights and not wake up in pain. We highly recommend Ignite! From the Drs to the Staff they are all welcoming and make you feel just like family!

Andrea Block

I love this place. The people are so kind and take really good care of people. Not only has my back made a lot of improvement but so has so much more in my health improved. And after getting your back reset you get the chance to see their sweet office dog.

Rachel Breeding

I really like Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie! They have the magic touch! I am really doing tremendously better for having been introduced to them and their technique with getting my back and neck fixed so I can walk again! Love them!😍💖

Janet Hayes

Dr Lee and Dr Natalie and their great staff have changed my life. I no longer suffer from all sorts of minor conditions including hay fever, sore back and legs. I feel happier, healthier and straighter! I highly recommend everyone see them!

Beth Erbe

We decided to go to Ignite Chiropractic to help my 7 year old with some bathroom issues, wet bedding ADHD and Autism. Since my boy started with both doctors, his bathroom issues have improved, he sleeps better, he sleeps through the night. He really likes them, and he especially loves Ginger their dog pet. They have been amazing with my son and they’re definitely helping my son’s behavior issues. And on top of all that, the staff is amazing. They’re so professional and kind. Thank you so much for all you do.

You won’t be disappointed with them.

Carla Bowhay

Ignite is such a great place! The scheduling is very convenient and easy to change on your own through the SKED app! Their methods are pain-free and the doctors are kind. I love that they don’t steamroll you and actually give you information up front! No other doctor I’ve ever met is as thorough as Dr. Natalie and Dr. Lee.

Vanessa Stewart

Two of the greatest chiropractors I have ever worked with. Amazing talent and dedication to their profession along with incredible techniques that work like magic. Beyond their medical expertise they are phenomenal people to get to know and make life better for everyone they encounter.

Cade Elliot

Nothing but praise for this awesome team! So welcoming and sweet and I have seen SO much improvement in how I’ve been feeling. The feeling I have after my visits is honestly the best part of my week!

Kaitlyn Holloway

My experience has been wonderful. The staff and doctors are always friendly and nice. I had some disc degeneration going in that was causing consistent pain in my lower back/hip. Within a month of starting treatment the consistent pain lowered to occasional and continues to improve. I also had problems with my hands feeling like they went to sleep and losing feelings mostly at night and when holding books and magazines. This also got much better within a month of treatment. I highly recommend giving Ignite Chiro a try!

Shauna Vitali

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