Women (and their significant others) want to do what’s best for them and their growing babies. Chiropractic combined with the Webster technique is highly supportive for the entirety of the pregnancy process and after. The Webster Technique is a very gentle additional technique and analysis that our doctors use to ensure a pregnant mom is free from misalignments and nerve interference within her hips and pelvis. This technique also helps to ensure proper positioning of the developing baby since mom and baby are so spiritually and physically connected. When mom feels more comfortable, her baby feels more comfortable too.

Our pregnant patients receive benefits such as:

Decreased Low Back & Pubic Bone Pain

Improved Sleep

Improved Fetal Positioning

Supports A Natural & Easy Birth

Decreased Labor Times and Pain

Faster Recovery Post Birth

Start your journey of healing from the inside-out!

With advanced training in neurology, kinesiology, biology, & anatomy, our doctors understand the human frame quite well. With the application of principled chiropractic knowledge, energy healing and quantum physics, the care received here is great for the mind, body and spirit.

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