From Bumps to Babies:

Your Chiropractic Path to Pregnancy Wellness

Hey Expecting Momma, Dr. Natalie here…

I vividly remember, one day, when I was 31 weeks pregnant, I had left the car in the driveway to run and grab my purse that I had forgotten in the house (pregnancy brain is real). Running back to the car, I hit the garage door button and did the “push and run” to make it out of the garage before it closed… no big deal.

Except… I had forgotten that my legs were “pregnancy weak” and my center of balance had shifted to a place unknown to mankind.  I was less “graceful-human” and more like a tipsy penguin trying to navigate an ice slide!  Naturally, instead of effortlessly ducking under the garage I nearly face-planted into the concrete! So much for my track star and cheerleading days.

This all said, I totally understand what you are going through and want you to rest assured that you’re in the right place. Pregnancy is beautiful and certainly stretches you in more ways than just your midsection. That’s is why it’s so important to have a perinatal team, if for nothing else – for the much needed support it brings. In this case, support for your body and mind.

Here at Ignite Chiropractic, we’ve put in the work to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the absolute best care in our office. We use the latest technology for examining your amazing body, determining where you need help, and how we can get you on the road to comfort and ease. Because that’s what we’re good at.

We’re great at locating where the issues are and how they are adding stress on (and within) your body. We’ve no doubt that you’ve had numerous sleepless nights or necessary back and shoulder rubs by your partner just from the worry of what’s safe and the best for you AND your baby.

We adjust with the most gentle, yet specific of techniques that not only encourages your inborn healing potential – it jumpstarts it. We’re like the bumpers in the bowling lane guiding your nerves to communicate with your brain and allowing a strike to occur more often and repeatedly.

Now this doesn’t happen overnight. Although, many women do get those miracle changes right away like heartburn relief and the ability to laugh without dripping a little. Then as time goes on, many notice their legs are not swelling as much as their last pregnancy (or like their friends’) and they are still maintaining that overall body control while their belly grows. (And of course, relief from nagging back pain, pelvic discomfort and belly pain are extremely common improvements most women experience).

Remember, you’re changing everyday as it is, and now you’re growing a little human so it’s especially important to maintain proper brain and body communication at-all-times.

Your body is so miraculous that you don’t have to tell it how to orchestrate all the fine tunings of growing a baby and thank goodness. We’d need to have our PhD in a study that not even the leading experts in obstetrics, midwifery or women’s health have…the magic of life.

Now without that knowledge I can assure you that ensuring your body is as stress and pain free as possible is of massive importance. Stress can cause pain and pain causes stress so it’s important to break free of that nasty cycle (and no I’m not talking about your period that you’re getting a break from at this time). 

You can feel great while pregnant and there is a natural, “no drugs required” way to take care of your pain and anxieties.

How Pregnancy Adjustments Work And Are They Safe?

Even better, our approach requires no popping, twisting or cracking and it allows us to awaken your healing potential while reminding that growing little human that “You’ve got this!”

With our team of doctors, expertly trained in adjusting pregnant women, you will find massive excitement knowing that you will actually be able to lay face down for your adjustments (probably for the first time in months!).

Yes, we have specialized pregnancy pillows to allow you to have that beautiful pregnant belly of yours cradled safely and gently while receiving your adjustments. This quickly relieves back tension, tailbone discomfort and often stimulates great digestive function along with those deep sighs of relief. Then, you get to turn over (with our help) to also work on relieving that pubic bone pain and tension in the lower belly.

That waddle will become less like a penguin and more like a strut. And you’ll be better equipped to focus on the excitement of having a baby versus the worry of “how am I going to do this”.

Even better, having proper spinal alignment will not only help you maintain better posture and strength, but your growing babe will benefit too.

I always tell moms, “When mom is comfortable, baby is too.” So rest assured that being adjusted is not only safe for you, but could be one of the best things for your baby too.

We often see babies change their positioning due to the proper pelvic (hips & tailbone) alignment of mom while getting care.

This is another reason many moms find us. They hear about chiropractic being good for “turning babies. Where this isn’t entirely wrong, it isn’t fully true either. We help relieve your body of the intrauterine restraints that are being placed on your precious joy and this not only is impressively relieving for you, but frees up space for your baby to move into a more comfortable position too.

As if this isn’t exciting enough, we also provide post delivery care. Goodness knows your body has gone through 9+ months of massive changes and now it’s time to help recover that internal and external stretch that happened.

As soon as you’re ready, we will get you started with your “4th trimester” care.

Post-Birth Recovery Is Just As Important As Your Pre-Birth Care

Yes, you just completed a marathon, but ladies, your post-birth recovery is just as important as your pre-birth care. From the moment your bundle of joy enters earthside, we can get him or her adjusted too.

In fact, our doctors have been known to share their personal numbers to allow a mom to announce when their baby has arrived so both her and baby can get their post birth wellness adjustments. 

I’ve had the personal pleasure of walking into many family homes to do the honors of delivering that first gentle, yet very life enhancing adjustment for many little “bubs” (I love how Autralians say babies!).

It brings me so much joy to not only have the trust from you as the parent but to know that your baby is given a huge jumpstart in life. 

Your care as a pregnant woman at Ignite Chiropractic is sacred and essential. While every person’s care is already unique and individualized, we take even further specialized care with our pregnant mamas. 

Baby adjustment with Dr. Natalie Horine

We hope you can give yourself the care, attention and encouragement you deserve. Because you’re freakin’ growing a little human. Need I say more?

Finally, if you’re not already excited and empowered to have a more comfortable pregnancy…

Then perhaps knowing that you will be welcomed with loving energy from the moment you walk into the office up until the moment you leave, each and every visit, will be the magic sauce that encourages you to book an appointment!

We look forward to helping and encouraging you along this divine journey while also welcoming you into our tribe.

Dr. Natalie Horine
In love and light,
Dr. Natalie Horine

DC, M.S. Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters of Sports Science, Board Eligible Functional Neurologist with Specialty in Childhood Developmental Disorders, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Member, Perinatal Care Specialist, ICPA Certified in Webster Technique, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, and Human Design Enthusiast.