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We believe you weren’t designed to need drugs to be healthy.
Everyone deserves to feel energetic, clear-minded, and happy.
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Chiropractor and Owner
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Dr. Lee Horine

Chiropractor and Owner

Dr. Chris Lewis

Associate Chiropractor

In case you are wondering, yes Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie are husband and wife.

Before moving to Rogers, Arkansas Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie Horine ran one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Central California based strictly on results and word of mouth referrals.

They are on fire for chiropractic… and for good reason…

Dr. Lee says, “There’s no better feeling in the world than when that shy 8-year old kid runs in and give me a hug because he can finally go to a sleep-over without worrying that he’ll wet the bed.”

“Or when a mother of three breaks down crying saying we’ve saved her marriage because she’s off her depression and anxiety meds and can actually feel like her real self again,” says Dr. Natalie.

“Most people don’t know that chiropractic can have such a massive impact on people’s lives… but we literally get multiple testimonials every day in practice like this. So yeah, its nearly impossible to not be fired up about chiropractic… it’s freakin’ amazing,” says Dr. Natalie.

They have a diverse educational background. In addition to their Doctor of Chiropractic degree, each holds a Masters degree in Sport Science and over 400 hours of post-doctoral education in Functional Neurology combined with 2 years experience as instructors for anatomy teaching human dissection.

Additionally, they served as interns for one of the world’s leading mild traumatic brain injury clinics based in Atlanta, GA, where they worked with elite NFL, NHL, Olympic and collegiate athletes.

Dr. Lee says, “When we see someone who has been told by entire teams of medical doctors at the Mayo Clinic that there’s nothing more that can be done – and you witness these people recover through neurologically-based chiropractic care… it quickly changes your belief system as a doctor. We truly have infinite potential to heal. It inspires us to keep pushing. To keep getting the word out however we can about chiropractic. Because the medical system is broken. And with neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care we have an amazing solution that the world needs to know about and have access to.”

Choosing a Rogers Chiropractor is a Big Decision

Hi, Dr. Lee Horine here

I’d like to share why neurologically-based chiropractic care has been the biggest blessing in my life, and why I’m passionate about introducing it to you… Aside from it introducing me to my wife, Dr. Natalie Horine, chiropractic gave me my health back.

Before neurologically-based chiropractic, I had suffered from daily headaches, allergies, and migraines. Additionally, I was diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune thyroid disease.

And Dr. Natalie would get ear infections twice a year and suffered from painful and irregular menstrual cycles.

I’m grateful to say, neither of us have any of these issues anymore.

What’s amazing is that most of our patients come to us with things like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches and shoulder pain. And not only do most experience relief from those debilitating issues, they see a noticeable improvement in many other areas of their health as well.

This is why we are so in love with chiropractic… It is holistic healing at its core.

Our Horine Method is based off the highly-effective, research-based Torque Release Technique that uses a percussive instrument called the Integrator. We have improved the results of the already impressive technique by blending Reiki principles into every adjustment.

What’s amazing about the adjustments you receive in our office is that we are working directly with your nervous system and the quantum field to bring your body back into harmony. So instead of forcing bones back into place we are painlessly stimulating the nerves to wake up, improving their communication to and from the brain. In this way, we allow your body to adjust itself (the only way you truly heal).

Another thing that our patients love is that our adjustments are fast and efficient. We typically get patients in and out in 20 minutes or less (except for the first appointment which takes longer because of the evaluation, X-rays, and thermal scan).

Something that makes us unique is that we specialize in the chiropractic adjustment alone. This may not sound unique, but I can assure you it is.

Many chiropractors spend 95% of their time administering things other than the adjustment. Things like exercises, stretches, massage, fascial release, traction, e-stim, laser, and nutritional supplements are commonplace in chiropractic offices.

These all have merit and we believe there is a time and a place for all of them. In fact, we used many of these modalities in our previous California practice – we even included them in our medically-acclaimed book ‘Say Goodbye To Back Pain…’ that we published in 2014.

However, we have found that a neurologically-based adjustment significantly outperforms all these modalities combined. So Dr. Natalie and I decided that instead of being a jack of all trades, we’d dedicate 100% of our time and energy into the technique that delivered the greatest benefit to our patients – the neurologically-based adjustment. The dramatic improvement in our long-term patient outcomes here in Rogers has made it clear that we dedicated ourselves in the right direction.

The last thing I think you should know about us is that we are firm believers that your body can heal itself naturally- so long as there’s no interference.

We believe that no matter your age or condition, you can improve your health when you allow the life force energy housed within your nervous system to flow freely without interference.

We are excited to invite you into our world of health and healing- and we’d be honored to share our passion of neurologically- based chiropractic with you.

In love and light,


Dr Lee Horine and Dr Natalie Horine

Owners of Ignite Chiropractic

In 2015 Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie co-authored a book that shook up the U.S. medical community.

In 2015, Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie published Say Goodbye to Back Pain: Overlooked Scientific Discoveries Reveal Powerful New Solutions for Back Pain, Sciatica, and Stenosis No Matter What Treatments Have Failed You Before – an amazing book combining research from vastly different fields of study on the origins of the stress response and its role with spinal degeneration and chronic disease. They’ve received national praise from medical doctors and chiropractors alike for their cutting-edge, research-based perspective on chiropractic’s crucial role in reversing the stress response and disease process.

According to Dr. Natalie, “Very few people realize that over 80% of chronic diseases can be reversed if the nervous system is allowed to do its job. The nervous system controls everything… Your sinuses, thyroid, stomach acid, heart, blood pressure, and intestines are all being controlled by your brain and nerves. When we can get those nerves communicating properly again, well… all those things I just mentioned (and more) can work normally again and begin the healing process. Its quite simple, really.”

Both doctors believe strongly in community service and outreach. This is why Ignite Chiropractic is actively involved in quarterly community outreach drives and teams up with different organizations to help local charities.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie have had the privilege to serve economically impoverished countries like Haiti and the Dominican Republic through chiropractic outreach missions. They’ve worked with amazing teams of doctors to deliver chiropractic care to those suffering from extreme diseases and have been blessed to see many folks heal from terrible ailments.

You will be hard-pressed to find any two chiropractors more in love with the NWA community than Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie. Nor will you find chiropractors more on fire about chiropractic and serving than these two. They are on a mission to help you express your full innate potential through neurologically-based principled chiropractic care.
But the Doctors couldn’t serve to the level they do without the dedication, love and service provided by their team.

Here is the rest of the Ignite team you will either talk to on the phone when making your appointment or have the delight to meet once you come in for your first appointment.


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