Headaches & Migraines

I’ve had migraines at least once a week for 4 years…it’s been about a month or a little more and my migraines are almost gone. Everyone at Ignite is friendly and truly cares about your well being. Best decision I ever made.
Megan Morrison
I've struggled with horrible migraines for years. Adding to that was lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain from stress and what not. But after visiting Ignite, for only 1 month. I've seen drastic changes. No lower back pain. I havent had a migraine since going here. My shoulders don't ache nor do I need to massage them constantly! I'm absolutely over the moon with how quickly im seeing and feeling results!!!! Thanks !!
Shannon Quintanar
Ive never in my life have been so happy ! I deal migraines and in the 2 months I literaly can say this place and the technique being has helped !!! 🙂 Secondly they give you updates and scan & xrays to show your progress that i love to see!! Its literally like you walk into a big hug! Thanks for caring for your patients 🤗
Sherri Bowerman
I had chronic migraines, and I didn’t want to live on pills forever or do Botox, but I am now 6 months into coming to Ignite and I can move more freely with my back, I can actually wash my kids hair and then go pull laundry from the dryer! And I have had only 4 migraines within these last six months! Huge improvement from having a migraine about 5 days out of 7!! I highly highly recommend coming to Ignite!! Very sweet/friendly Drs and staff!! My kids even like coming with me!
Cassie Eaton