Do you think heart problems just crop up over night? How about cancer? What about any serious health problem, for that matter?…

The research shows that the majority of people’s problems are due to stress on the nervous system over DECADES.

And ANYTHING that takes decades to develop is too long for the typical human mind to logically link cause and effect together.

So we become reactive. And we want to snap our fingers and take a drug or undergo a surgery – believing falsely that it will make everything better.

If that were true, your parents and grandparents wouldn’t have the health conditions that they are suffering from. And hospitals would be small and mostly unneeded.

We all know there is no such thing as a magic pill, yet we buy them anyways.

What if there was a better way? A solution that isn’t a magic pill.

It’s one that takes a bit of time and consistency… but actually works to slowly wind back the clock to a healthier you.

Would you be willing to do it?

If you are nodding to yourself, yes, then I half believe you.

I have found that even when provided a solution, not everybody is willing to do it.

I mean, most people give up on their New Years resolutions within 3 weeks.

But if you are committed to living differently than everyone else in our country who’s getting sicker, stressed, and more unhappy every year, then maybe you will.

And the solution isn’t diet or exercise alone.

There are too many people who run marathons who get heart attacks and cancer – unfortunately disproving exercise as a primary means to health. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important – but not in the way we’ve been conditioned to believe.

What about a healthy diet? Similar to exercise, it’s important – but not in the way you expect… It’s just a piece of the puzzle.

So here’s what’s missing…

The solution that is escaping mainstream attention is improving the brain-body connection.

The stress of life literally prunes away the proper connections between your brain and body – altering the healing energy signals that the nerves transmit every second of the day. When this gets interfered with – even a small amount – it slows down the healing and cell regeneration.

And most people aren’t aware that the NORMAL stressors in life will always tear down the body… and that’s okay, because the body is designed to heal and regenerate.

But here’s where the problem occurs…

If your brain can’t communicate with your pancreas… now you won’t regulate blood sugar properly. (And your pancreas will slowly begin to degenerate.)

If it can’t communicate to your stomach… you can develop acid reflux or ulcers.

And if it can’t talk to your heart… your heart will undoubtedly develop problems at some point.

So as you could imagine this list goes on and on…

And just like in a struggling relationship, poor communication is usually at the cause. Less and less communication over months, years and decades can destroy even the best relationships.

The same is true of the body and brain.

The solution is to get your body reconnected to that innate intelligence that is already inside of your brain and nerves. Your body already has what it needs to heal. All it needs from you, is to communicate.

Let’s jump back to the relationship analogy for a sec…

After 20 years of not communicating, do you think everything will return to normal after one day of talking again?

Unlikely. But it’s the FIRST step. In fact, it’s the key to successfully restoring a healthy relationship inside and outside your body.

The trick is that it takes consistency for months and years. If your brain and body can communicate properly for the rest of your life, then you will live a very rewarding life that isn’t riddled with the issues 80% of people over 40 are now plagued with. It’s really a wonderful life.

And if you stop being consistent and communicating… what happens?

Things start sliding backwards again.

At Ignite Chiropractic we restore the communication between your brain and your body.

It’s up to you on how long you want to keep the connection going.

And remember, health is always a choice and it’s in your control.

Yours in health,

Dr. Lee Horine, DC MS

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