“If you are doing what everyone else is doing, then you are going to get similar results.” -Dr Lee

Back when I was in junior high the ONLY way to dress was to wear baggy pants, and to sag them to the point they were barely staying on your hips. 

ALL the cool kids dressed this way.

I remember my parents hating it, but I didn’t care because it was the culture of being a 13 year old kid where I grew up in California. We all shared the same inside jokes and watched the same TV shows- a lot of South Park and Jackass – and even played the same sports. 

It would be no surprise to assume that any one of us held similar beliefs about life, as a junior high “know-it-all.”

We were part of a mini-culture. And a culture is a group of people believing in similar ideas and choosing to act and behave in particular ways upholding those ideals and traditions. 

On a bigger scale, the United States health care system has created a culture. But instead of a mini one, it’s a massive one. 

And that culture is lead by the ideals of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies…NOT even by doctors on the front lines. 

Incidentally, when my wife and I were hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, we shared the trail with a guy who owned three hospitals in a major metropolitan city in Texas. 

We assumed he was a doctor, and when asked what his specialty was he told us that he definitely wasn’t a doctor- his specialty was in land development, and saw the hospital as a good business opportunity. 

He went on to share that they don’t even allow doctors to own hospitals because the insurance companies (primarily Medicare) deem it illegal as it’s a conflict of interest. They only make exceptions for board members who have retired from medical practice – and even then they rarely get voted in as a board member.

This blew our minds… a conflict of interest to have a doctor run a hospital?

It gave us another glimpse into why our nation is ranked 34th – and falling – in terms of healthy nations (which is horrible!).

Our culture has become so backwards that an INSURANCE COMPANY has the power to dictate that doctors are not fit to run the very place people go to for their help.

And clever businessmen who are only interested in profit have teamed up with insurance companies to lobby the government to pass laws making it illegal to own a hospital if you are a practicing physician…

All in the “interest of the patients.”

I call B.S. 

It’s pretty evident that it’s only in the interest of the all mighty dollar.

But almost nobody openly questions the health care system because it’s too big – with too many smart people keeping it alive. 

It’s become part of the American culture. 

It’s “just the way it is.” And if you go against the culture, you get ridiculed and kicked out of the group. 

Just like in my junior high click, if you decided to stop wearing baggy pants – you risked not being part of the cool kids anymore. 

And your “friends” would now be more likely to make fun of you instead of play with you, because they didn’t want to risk getting kicked out of the group either by continuing to be your friend. 

Human nature is a crazy thing at times!

Likewise, if you step outside of the culture of mainstream medicine and choose to think for yourself, you will be judged harshly and possibly even threatened by those in that culture. 

I was recently at a conference where a successful 50 year old pediatrician was reduced to tears because she no longer believed in the safety or need of vaccines – and 90% of the other drugs she is forced to deliver to children and parents every single day. 

She shared that if she stopped recommending drugs, and started recommending safer, alternative solutions, she would lose her very good paying job, which her family relied on. 

What’s more disturbing is that her colleagues (and so-called friends) told her point blank they would turn her into the medical board to strip away her license if she didn’t “wake up” and do her job. 

So if you are fearful of going against the grain, you are not alone. 

Doing the right thing takes courage, even as a patient. 

I’ve had grown adults join our practice in secret because their family would never approve of them going to a chiropractor. They only approve of their kids going to medical doctors and taking drugs like they have done (and subsequently wind up with the same health problems they and their parents had, etc.)

I found this amusing until I realized how many of our practice members related to this. 

Maybe it’s not a family member who you are afraid of… 

Maybe it’s a group of friends or co-workers who would judge you harshly for even having health problems in the first place. Let alone going outside the mainstream to avoid being scammed by the pharmaceutical companies into taking drugs. 

It woke me up to how deeply backwards our culture has become in regards to health. 

So if you secretly know that aside from broken bones, strokes and other medical emergencies that mainstream medicine is not the answer… rest assured you are not alone. 

Our practice is a safe-haven for those of you who are ready to openly (or quietly) seek answers and solutions to your health problems

We are here to light the way.

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