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Babies and Kids

For many people, their first subluxation comes from the birthing process. Modern day birthing practices in the hospital & birthing centers have significantly increased the amount of interventions across the country. These interventions, although sometimes necessary, add much strain and stress for both mom and baby. This strain commonly leads to nerve interference throughout the baby’s neck and spine. For this reason, we suggest getting your baby’s spine checked for nerve interference as soon as possible.

Parents seek chiropractic care for a natural approach to help with their babies:

Did You Know? During the first year of your child’s life, the brain doubles in size. The majority of this growth happens in the areas of the brain responsible for balance and motor skills. This is why it is an important time to ensure your baby’s brain and body are communicating appropriately to allow proper growth and development. From rolling side to side, sitting upright, crawling, standing and then walking, the brain and body must be in proper communication. Chiropractic adjustments are a gentle and effective way to facilitate proper brain-body communication.

Many parents bring their kids in for nerve inference symptoms such as:

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