More and more people seek a natural approach to their healthcare needs. Chiropractic supports people at all stages of their life, from chronic issues to maintaining overall wellness.

Many of our patient’s report:

Less Sick days Better Response to Stress
Improved Mobility & Posture Better Sleep
Less Aches & Pains Increased Energy
Improved Digestion Allergy Relief
Dr. Chris Lewis providing an adult adjustment
Dr. Natalie Horine providing an adult adjustment
Dr. Lee Horine providing an adult adjustment

Start your journey of healing from the inside-out!

With advanced training in neurology, kinesiology, biology, & anatomy, our doctors understand the human frame quite well. With the application of principled chiropractic knowledge, energy healing and quantum physics, the care received here is great for the mind, body and spirit.

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Here’s what chiropractic care looks like for others we serve in Rogers, AR.